Memos, Stockbrokers and Umbrellas

In business, the memo is a way of transmitting information from those who have none to those who don’t want any.
Gene Perret

A stockbroker is someone who takes all your money and invests it until it’s gone.
Woody Allen

A businessman needs three umbrellas – one to leave at the office, one to leave at home and one to leave on the train.
Paul Dickson

Better Than Gold
After my little girl was born, I spent so much time by myself, feeding and rocking her and watching her sleep, that I was putting on the television just to hear an adult voice. But what I found wasn’t even a quarter good. So I took the televisions away. Now in the morning, instead of turning on the Today show, I give my full attention to the children. And instead of watching Barney, they give their full attention to me.
Linda Ronstadt

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